Golden Light and Darkness
Maïna Pertolas Photographer


Behind the camera


A little bit about me

I’m Maïna, a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. I grew up running wild and free with my dog in the boondocks of France. Photography is something I always wanted to do, it connects back to my obsession with lights. I majored in photography in 2010, worked for a couple of years in a camera store, before deciding to try myself at freelancing.

Moving to Canada in 2014 with my hubby and our two fur babies, I have made my way into the Canadian scene and worked with actors, agency models, got published few times and got to meet cool people with awesome projects. I’ve travelled and explored more of BC than my home country at this point.

Nature plays an important role in my life and I’m passionate about the mountains, the oceans and the wildlife inhabiting those places. Being freelance has allowed me to work on personal projects and have a “day job” as a marine educator (my second passion), which is why I’m not booking year round and always take the time to consider each and every projects.

If I’m not out taking photos or teaching, you will find me running along the sea wall.


My approach

Portraits and landscapes are two things I have loved for a long time. I think they are deeply connected to one another. I look at a person, a landscape and I see million of stories. I love to capture the essence of what I see in front of me. I don’t seek perfection, I seek different and unsettling things. I’m all about creating a unique set of photos and feelings, a meaningful experience for people I meet. Having a connection who I work with is the most important thing to me.

Why Golden Light and Darkness

I am a gemini at heart. I’m always torn between what lies in the dark and how beautiful the sunlight draws things and people. I find comfort in seeing the sun rising while I’m out for an early run and waiting in the night for the stars to lit the sky. It took me a long time to find a name that resonates with me, I think this one does perfectly.